Company Services

Milestone Property Services Ltd. provides complete Property Acquistion Services for all property interests including Rights of Way, Whole and Partial Fee purchases, Leases, Licenses, etc. Milestone also provides services for Project Management, Project Co-ordination, Project Tracking, Property Valuation, Line List preparation, Land Title Research, and Property Agreement preparaton. In addition Milestone provides the following related services:

ü Working with Project Teams, Design groups and Project Managers to deliver projects, refine & modify design when cost effective, and identify and resolve politically sensitive acquisitions.

ü Conducting all negotiations and communications with the owners, obtaining owner’s execution of Property Agreements, Statutory Rights of Way, Licenses, Leases and Survey Plans.

ü Site inspections, identifing property impacts and potential damages.

ü      Gaining trust and cooperation of property owners and conducting successful negotiations.

ü Ability to work with difficult property owners.

ü Preparing estimates for budgeting and acquisition purposes.

ü Obtaining quotes and procuring appraisals, environment studies, and surveys.

ü Obtaining all required approvals for making offers, initiating agreements using client’s documentation and preparing   customized clauses when required.

ü Opening and maintaining files with thorough notes and complete record of activity.

ü Liaising with Municipalities and working with Planning Committees & Municipal Council to resolve issues.

ü Obtaining release of properties from the Agricultural Land Commission.

ü Resolving matters of access, business loss, and signage.

ü Liaising with Municipalities & Health Authorities to obtain information on by-laws, zoning, official neighbourhood &   community plans, septic & well requirements etc.

ü Re-establishing cooperative working relationship with owners who have previously been expropriated and successfully reaching agreements for acquisitions.

ü Attending public meetings, discussing project scope and impact with property owners and stakeholders.

ü Recruiting, selecting, training, and supervising staff.

ü Preparing Crown Land applications to acquire interests over properties that have accreted lands.

ü Acquisition and valuation of SRW’s and Licenses for telecommunications and electrical transmission facilities including, walk   in cabinets (WIC’s), HUB sites in high rise towers, access nodes, transmission lines, roads for access purposes for microwave  sites and facility access, and municipal road closures.

ü Preparing Board, Council and Committee reports.

ü Preparing Briefing Notes, Supplemental to Briefing Notes and Record of Negotiations in prescribed format in preparation   for Expropriation.

ü    Working with Title companies to arrange for serving notice and fulfilling LTO requirements.

ü Expropriation – managing expropriation files including: procuring appraisals, surveys, environmental studies, geotechnical, engineering and planning reports for takings, researching and clearing charges on title such as releasing expired Builder’s Liens and mortgages, obtaining letters from lenders and Releases of Claim, attending Supreme Court to provide appraisal and negotiation support, negotiating settlements on files prior to Supreme Court hearings, planning strategy with management and legal council during expropriation process, resolving numerous issues with owners and avoiding further litigation, preparing all expropriation documentation with corporate legal staff and participating in Supreme Court hearings as a witness for Expropriation and giving testimony under direct examination and cross-examination. Obtaining settlements, reporting status, preparing Board reports, negotiating settlements on expropriated properties & eliminating the need for Supreme Court hearings.